The 50th Yom Yerushalayim is around the corner, replete with celebrations of this grand narrative or that important value, this past achievement or that agenda for the future. These celebration will place our city on a glorious pedestal, and ask us to revere it from bellow.

But I want to celebrate a different Jerusalem this time around.

I want to celebrate the Jerusalem we experience daily: The quirky, random, sometimes-crazy-but-always-interesting Jerusalem. I want to celebrate the place where different voices clash, and different people meet, and The Sublime might giggle at you from a street corner as you go about buying groceries for lunch.

I want to celebrate real life Jerusalem, this vibrant tapestry of moments, encounters, and scenes that touch heaven, but remain firmly on earth.

And this year, I will.

During the fifty days leading up to Yom Yerushalayim (April 5th-May 24th) my new site will share short essays, poems, and photos that capture Jerusalem’s little moments. I invite you – all of you who love Jerusalem and experience it in your own unique ways – to send your own essays and photos my way and join the celebration:

Real Jerusalem is what it is because of us, the people who love it: Let’s celebrate Jerusalem by seeing it through each other’s eyes.

(For updates and writing prompts follow the project at @JLMmoments)