When you walk down the street with a child in tow, the world transforms around you. Animals appear where you never saw them before. Candy stores and bakeries pop up where yesterday there were only nondescript storefronts. Background noises take center stage (who knew there is so much honking going on?), and the pavement turns into a wonderland of treasures.

By the time my kids were old enough to call me imaleh (mommy in Hebrew),  I realized that the changes went deeper than that. Parenthood didn’t merely alter my experience of the physical world around me: It changed the way I experience my own identity, spirituality, and self.

Imaleh.li is all about the ways our walk through life as parents transforms and illuminates our other spiritual journeys, and how those enhance our parenting in turn. How does parenthood inform the way we do Judaism? How can Jewish traditions help us overcome parenting challenges and woes? What can zen, meditation or fandom mean to me as a mom?

Just as these various journeys interact within me, their paths intersect with other people’s routes. Our paths as fellow Jews and fellow parents affect each other all the time, and can lead us to new and exciting places. Imaleh.li is my personal blog, but if you share your own insights and experiences in the comments, maybe it can be a community, too.