Parenting, Judaism, and Other Crazy Journeys

What I mean when I give you shalach manot

Let's talk for a second about shalach manot. Most of the megillah reads like a living, writhing entanglement of power plays. From the first party (where the king, determined to show his might and wealth, decrees that everyone should celebrate... Continue Reading →

Narcissus’ Facebook account

Narcissus didn't fall in love with a reflection. He fell in love with his Facebook account. But he did lose himself in his beloved, and if we're not careful, it can happen to us too.

Joining the Exodus

Four years ago, my father celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. He was 65-year-old at the time, well above the traditional 13, but growing up in  the USSR wasn't exactly conducive to religious celebrations. My father didn't even celebrate the Jewish holidays... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s comfort zone

Last week's battlegrounds became yesterday's comfort zone, and yesterday's comfort zone can be a prison in disguise.

Don’t say “depression” like it’s shamefull

"She....You know....Takes those pills." The woman lowered her voice, and her eyes skimmed the room nervously as she spoke. Her friend merely shook her head, uncomprehending. "What pills," she asked loudly, placing her mug back on the table. "I don't... Continue Reading →

The real Joseph, disrobed

  Remember that moment, in the very beginning of this week's Torah Portion, when Jacob gifts a "kutonet pasim" (an ornamental robe) to his favorite son? On the surface, this is a pretty normal instance of fatherly love. We all buy... Continue Reading →

Why I’ll watch Twilight with my children one day

I know, I know...Twilight? Seriously? That silly teen drama with the sparkly vampires and the ridiculous love triangle? (not to mention all the excessive staring and the stilted acting?) Well, yes, actually. That one. (Well, those four. Or five to... Continue Reading →

Freud’s Favorite Parsha

For a parsha that starts with the joyful news of a forthcoming pregnancy, Vayera sure packs a punch when it comes to parents-children relationship. Within five chapters and less than 150 verses, we read about: A father (Lot) who offers... Continue Reading →

When Abraham smashed my Auto-Parent Mode

  Last week, in honor of Parshat Noach, I wrote here about the positive power of habits: When our judgement abandons us (or our kids) under temptation or pressure, good habits can kick in and save the day. But sometimes, the... Continue Reading →

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