Parenting, Judaism, and Other Crazy Journeys

The real Joseph, disrobed

  Remember that moment, in the very beginning of this week's Torah Portion, when Jacob gifts a "kutonet pasim" (an ornamental robe) to his favorite son? On the surface, this is a pretty normal instance of fatherly love. We all buy... Continue Reading →

Why I’ll watch Twilight with my children one day

I know, I know...Twilight? Seriously? That silly teen drama with the sparkly vampires and the ridiculous love triangle? (not to mention all the excessive staring and the stilted acting?) Well, yes, actually. That one. (Well, those four. Or five to... Continue Reading →

Freud’s Favorite Parsha

For a parsha that starts with the joyful news of a forthcoming pregnancy, Vayera sure packs a punch when it comes to parents-children relationship. Within five chapters and less than 150 verses, we read about: A father (Lot) who offers... Continue Reading →

When Abraham smashed my Auto-Parent Mode

  Last week, in honor of Parshat Noach, I wrote here about the positive power of habits: When our judgement abandons us (or our kids) under temptation or pressure, good habits can kick in and save the day. But sometimes, the... Continue Reading →

When Diaspora Jewry Burst my Bubble

Unlike most of my Israeli peers, I grew up surrounded by exemplary Diaspora Jews. Leaders and thinkers, educators and activists, old and new friends - all frequented our Shabbat table, where they reminisced about the struggle for Soviet Jewry or discussed... Continue Reading →

Noach’s Super Power

Imagine a world in which Noach had a Facebook page. Now, we don't know enough about Noach to envision his "about" section. In what way was he "righteous" (Genesis 6, 9)? What particular actions or character traits made God favor him? What did he... Continue Reading →

Happy Marcheshvan!

It's Rosh Chodesh (the first day of a new month) today, which in our neighborhood means kids in white shirts (frantically washed and dried on the night before if you're anything like me...), festive prayers, and that nice feeling of "Ooo, we are starting something... Continue Reading →

Why Elsa costumes are the scariest of all

Halloween is upon us, and a flock of superheroes, witches, and Disney princesses are about to knock on my American friends' doors. And if the US on Halloween is anything like Israel on Purim, a disproportionate segment of this flock will be... Continue Reading →

Parenthood in Adam’s wake

Parenthood taught me a great many things. It taught me to function on far less sleep and far more caffeine than I thought was humanly possible. It taught me to take multi-tasking to new extremes. It taught me to avoid... Continue Reading →

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