Parenting, Judaism, and Other Crazy Journeys

Changing Eve

"But you don't KNOW that it would go wrong, right? Not until you try!" Eve used to say it all the time. She said it when she wanted to go looking for lions in Eden's plains and when she thought... Continue Reading →

Maternity Leave

Here on the couch, I sit, no, I slouch, with my son on my shoulder and my tax returns folder, and a book, and another, (I don't know why I bother, I'll have to reread them when I won't have... Continue Reading →

To try or not to try?

It was never going to be easy, the promised land. Not like a candy, or a toy you promise to a child: Behave, darling, and you'll get a treat, ok? No, the promised land was more of an ordeal than... Continue Reading →

Boston Bound

When the pomegranates bloom, I think of my grandmother. "Did the pomegranates blossom yet," she used to ask me in those long afternoons on her veranda. "Are there fruits on the trees? What did you see today? what did you... Continue Reading →

Let’s march with WW2’s veterans

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of special days in Israel - Passover was barely over before we commemorated the holocaust on Holocaust Remembrance Day, mourned our fallen soldiers on Yom Hazikaron, and celebrated Israel's 69th birthday on Independence Day.... Continue Reading →

The empty space

When someone dies, a world of choices dies with him. A world of small and big changes that would have happened within her over time. A world of shifts and growth and transformational moments, and the kind of daily joys... Continue Reading →

Of Tech and Terror

In the past few weeks, I've been running an online celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. I shared different people's "Jerusalem Moments" - the images, stories, and vignettes that capture Jerusalem as they experience it. Today... Continue Reading →

Share your Jerusalem Moments

The 50th Yom Yerushalayim is around the corner, replete with celebrations of this grand narrative or that important value, this past achievement or that agenda for the future. These celebration will place our city on a glorious pedestal, and ask... Continue Reading →

What I mean when I give you shalach manot

Let's talk for a second about shalach manot. Most of the megillah reads like a living, writhing entanglement of power plays. From the first party (where the king, determined to show his might and wealth, decrees that everyone should celebrate... Continue Reading →

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