Parenting, Judaism, and Other Crazy Journeys



A Seedling’s Song

In the beginning, there was a seed, and the seed was a note. it was a brave little note. It was a valiant note. It heard the inner call "Now grow!" and rang "I am now!" And then it was... Continue Reading →

Playing Chicken with a Turkey

The other day I played chicken with a turkey. He (or she. Apologies to the lady turkeys) was running full tilt towards me. I was walking down a narrow sidewalk where piles of snow were lining both sides. Now, in... Continue Reading →

Under the Oak

I passed under an enormous, ancient oak today. Its leaves, green and brown and yellow, rustled over a well kept lawn by a stately old house, and the grass was very green. And I thought, "How elegant." But I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Of God and Forests

When I walk through the still forest, I hear silence. But within the silence plays the symphony of life. The light is a music only trees can hear, and transform, ray by ray and note by note, into their own... Continue Reading →

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